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Joint Filler

Joint Filler

Joint Filler

Use for filling the pore between the plaster board.
  • Used indoors.
  • Economical
  • Easy usage 


  • Water is poured into the clean gypsum basin. Alçıbay Joint Filler sprinkled into the water in the basin. Continue until sufficient rate is achieved (10 kg gypsum / 60 l water ).
  • Waiting a couple of minutes for the gypsum absorbs water .Mixing the mortar until reach  homogenous mixture. Use mechanical mixer for the ideal mixture.
  • A joint band is drawn between the two plates.
  • Fill with the prepared mortar.
  • The surplus of spending is taken by trowel
  • . A smooth surface is obtained on the plate.


  • Before starting the application, particularly and oil on  surfaces should be cleaned.
  • Attention should be paid to the cleanness of equipment for application
  • Don’t add water or gypsum  during  mixing.
  • Joint filler is ready for usage don’ add something.
  • When Application surface is very smooth, It should be roughened.
  • Materials that will form a film layer on the application surface should not be applied


Trade Name Joint Filler
Physical Form White Powder
Content CaSO4+1/2H2O (hemihydrate gips), Calcite,  geciktirici, su tutucu vb.
Powder/ Water Ratio 100 gr Powder / 50 gr water
Water Absorption %15-25
Setting Time min. 70 min
Shelf Lifer 1 year . The ambient and surface temperature of the application must be at least 5 ° C
Storage Condition

The bags should be stacked in a dry environment with no airflow, with a maximum of 20 bags on top of the pellet.
Safety and Healthy

Use gloves, glasses, gloves and a mask for your health and safety during the application.

In case of leakage, wash eyes with plenty of water.

If accidentally swallowed by the plaster, rinse your mouth.